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Sabo Computer Repairs & Data Recovery

Known for excellent service, customer satisfaction and reasonable rates. Phone: 613-592-8485
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Remote Support

How it Works

By using remote support, the technician can access your computer over the internet, see on his monitor whatever is on your monitor, and use his keyboard and mouse to control your computer as if he were sitting in front of it.

When the session has ended, the technician cannot access or control your computer until you start a new session. Communication between the computers is via a secure, encrypted connection so privacy and security are assured.

  1. Call us (613-592-8485) to discuss the problem and schedule a session
  2. Read and accept our Terms and Conditions. (The acceptance link is at the bottom of that page.)
  3. Begin the session, by clicking here (or here to use an alternative remote support program.)
  4. Approve installation of the browser addon and controls, when prompted
  5. Provide the displayed "Your ID" to the technician (do not click "Connect")
...then sit back and watch as the technician fixes the problem
Note: Some particularly nasty viruses and malware cannot be completely removed using remote support and may require an on-site visit or that you bring the computer to our shop to complete the removal. Rootkits hide themselves from Windows and can sometimes only be removed by an offline scan.

The remote support rate is $30 for the first half-hour, then prorated, e.g. 45 minutes costs $45+tax.  A 5% fee will be charged when payment is made by credit/debit card, to cover the additional administration, processing and transfer costs.


New customers are required to make a deposit ($60) to open an account. Any unused balance will be left as a credit toward future services. If the deposit is insufficient, the balance due can be paid by mailing a cheque or by credit card.

Established customers are not required to make a deposit and can pay by mailing a cheque or by credit card.

A PayPal account is not required. When you click the above "Pay Now" button, you will be directed to PayPal.
  • enter "Remote Support" in the Description box  (top left)
  • enter the amount ($60) in the Item price box, then click the Update link beneath it
  • once the screen updates, click Don't have a PayPal account? (bottom right)
  • complete the form with your credit card or debit card details.